5 benefits of sleep to your workforce


5 benefits of sleep to your workforce

Most people enjoy a good night’s sleep. There are few feelings better than waking up feeling well rested in the morning. As most of us know there are many reasons why it is important to have a good long rest at night, yet there are still many people who do not get enough time for proper sleep. Especially in the construction and infrastructure industry, where long and late-night shifts are common, sleep and time to rest are often neglected, resulting in fatigued workers. Below are 5 benefits of sleep to your workforce.


1. Fewer mistakes in the workplace

A lack of sleep is often linked to mistakes in the workplace, from tiny typos to catastrophic disasters, many mistakes in the workplace are caused by a lack of sleep which affects a person’s ability to concentrate. These mistakes can be costly and time consuming. A couple hours of extra rest at night could reduce the chances of making these mistakes.


2. Sleep is good for physical health

Many studies have proven the health benefits of good sleep. A better immune system, athletic performance, metabolism have all been suggested to be caused by enough time to sleep and rest. In contrast, poor sleepers often experience increased body weight, inflammation and are at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. It is therefore in every employer’s interest to ensure workers receives enough time to rest as it could result in less time off due to illnesses.


3. Sleep improves mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to well-being. A lack of sleep is generally linked to mental health problems. For example, poor sleep tends to cause depression, anxiety and is even associated with suicide. Having regular good night’s sleep can reduce the chances of developing these conditions, which then results in an improved well-being of the workforce.


4. Good sleep enables increased productivity

A tired work force tends to be less motivated and dedicated while a well-rested team has an increased ability to concentrate and to solve problems, resulting in higher productivity and performance. This means the job can get done quicker and does not incur extra costs.


5. Better emotional intelligence

Sleep loss can affect a person’s ability to interact socially. Many of us become easily aggravated with a lack of sleep and tend to ignore the feelings and emotional cues of others. This lack of emotional intelligence can result in workplace tensions and can affect social well-being. These are unnecessary workplace issues that can easily be avoided by a good night’s sleep.


All in all, the above examples demonstrate why it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure workers are well rested. From increased physical and mental health, to better productivity, sleep and rest are extremely important to get the most out of workers.

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