The 5 P’s of access control for construction worksites

Access Control is a fundamental security measure on any UK construction and infrastructure site. It not only provides the physical barrier to entry to the worksite entrance but it also holds key personnel and permissions data which further enhances the safety and security of the worksite. In this blog we discuss the 5 P’s of access control within the construction and infrastructure sector.

  • Protection: Access control technology is a key protection measure on all worksites, it not only acts as a barrier to entry (only allowing those permitted to enter entry) but the technology/software holds key information which helps protect people and assets on a worksite. This can include understanding which individuals are on your worksite, especially in the event of an emergency, it can protect and prevent assets from being taken from the worksite and it can stop unauthorised individuals from entering the worksite.
  • Permission: The evolution of access control software means that individuals, trades, and organisations can now be set with bespoke permissions and authorisations. This enables projects to only allow those that require access into certain areas of a project. This improves safety, as only those with the correct credentials or needs to be in high-risk areas are allowed and it can also prevent congestion within prime work areas.
  • Planning: Data from project programmes and resource management can now be used to manage and plan the access control requirements for a project. It allows organisations to permit and retract access to a project depending on when an individual is due to be on site. This planning element helps protect the worksite from unauthorised visitors, maintains programme and controls the amount of people on a worksite at any one time.
  • Personnel: A worksite can see hundreds’ of workers come and go throughout a working day, especially on large scale, complex infrastructure projects. Knowing who is on your site and whether they hold all the right credentials and tickets is fundamental to site safety. Access control technology and software can undertake personal ID checks and compliancy checks upon entry or during the planning stage. This ensures that all individuals on site are safe and qualified to be there.
  • Prevention: Finally, one of the most important aspects of access control is to prevent anyone who is not authorised to enter the worksite from entering. Software can now record incidents of unauthorised attempts, deny those with expired credentials entry and provide data and information in real-time

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