Health and Safety Executive Remove Fatigue Risk Index from Website

The HSE have just announced that they will be removing the Fatigue Risk Index from their website. The announcement, which can be found at:, states the reason for the removal of the index is due to compatibility (it runs on an older version of Excel) and that the useability and function of the index needs improving to further reduce fatigue related risk. Whilst the HSE have stated that those that have access to the FRI in its current format can continue to use it (providing the user has the necessary expertise to use the tool and understand the outputs and limitations) they have now removed access to the index from their website.

How to manage fatigue without the FRI?
With the limitations and the ability to misuse the FRI now recognised by the HSE (and therefore removed for future use) a more robust Fatigue Risk Management System will now be sought by those who have previously used and relied upon this system. The algorithms and process for calculating fatigue within the FRI remain valid, it is the system and format of the FRI which has been put into question. Therefore, organisations must now look to invest in alternative means of managing fatigue which incorporates the fatigue calculations (like the FRI) but within a more sophisticated and intelligent platform. Fatigue360 is the solution.

Can Fatigue360 replace the FRI?
Yes. Fatigue360 is an end-to-end Fatigue Risk Management and job planning tool, enabling planners and rosterers to monitor the fatigue of the workforce. The system has been designed to calculate your workforces fatigue and risk levels in real-time, notifying an organisation as to when a worker may exceed their agreed fatigue and risk levels. This unique system allows a business to plan and manage not only working hours, but also the travel and rest periods around work shifts. Using Fatigue360 results in an optimally deployed workforce, aligns with corporate responsibility objectives and sends the message to employees that the business cares about their health and wellbeing.

Fatigue360 is already the leading Fatigue Risk Management System utilised within the UK rail industry.

For more information or to discuss how your organisation can transfer your existing FRI system over to Fatigue360 please visit the Fatigue360 page.

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