How to get the most from your access control software

For access control to be successful you need two key components, the physical entry technology, and the integrated IT software. Physical entry technology can range from turnstiles and entry pods to card readers and biometric scanners, these systems are what physically prevent a person from entering an area if they do not have the correct authorisation. These pieces of equipment and technology enhance the security and safety of an area, building, or facility through their ability to restrict a person’s movement and access. However, for an access control system to be successful and deliver benefits to an organisation, above and beyond physical protection, the access equipment needs to integrate with intelligent access control software.


Access control software is the IT system that manages and controls the authorisation and accessibility of the access equipment. It is the control mechanism and data/information storage which communicates with the technology to grant or deny entry. When integrating access software with access technology, organisations need to ensure they are getting the most from their software to provide additional benefits, above and beyond prevention. Key factors to consider when selecting access software are:

  • Real-time analytics: Utilising an access control software that provides real-time analytics and data, usually through a cloud-based dashboard, enables users to gain useful insights regarding their building, facility, or area. These analytics can provide information on:
    • Who is currently within the building/facility
    • What areas individuals are in
    • Denied access requests
    • Capacity information
  • Reporting: As with any system that uses and generates data, it is important to be able to run and analyse reports. The reports generated from access control system can provide insight and information that can be used to aid permission audits, activity level reviews, and in-and-out tracking.
  • Remote management: In today’s business world it is important to be able to manage a system or process remotely. Using cloud-based access control software enables users to manage their access control systems anytime, anywhere. This flexibility allows for real-time access changes to be made, from emergency lockdowns, upgrades to permissions, or preventing access.
  • Bespoke permissions and authorisations: Physical control systems cannot differentiate between individuals, this is only achievable via an integrated access control software. The software allows you to place certain restrictions and permissions on key individuals, seniority levels, and professions. This means access to sensitive areas can be limited and controlled.
  • Compliance and checks: From undertaking identity checks to reviewing key compliance and competency documentation. An intelligent access control system will link the control technology to the control software to undertake and review this information prior to granting access. This further promotes a safe, secure, and quality work environment knowing that all individuals within key areas hold the relevant documentation.


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