Weston Analytics Introduces a New Fatigue Health Check

Weston Analytics is pleased to announce that we are now offering a tailored three plan fatigue health check service, to model your organisation’s shift patterns using their award-winning Fatigue 360 software. 

They are able to analyse working patterns, highlight any risk areas or exceedances. 

This unique offering allows total compliance with the Network Rail ‘003’ fatigue standard, enabling you to monitor workers fatigue. This is done by analysing data like shift length, travel time to site, and rest in between shifts, all in order to manage fatigue, and overall risk of each shift.   

In addition to modelling your working patterns and providing advice for compliance with ‘003’ rules, Weston Analytics will provide access to their Fatigue 360 software for a limited time. 

The software is fully customisable, cloud-based, presents real-time data, and can be tailored specifically to the clients and worker’s needs.  

Workers benefit from fatigue management software

The importance of managing worker fatigue cannot be overstated, this Fatigue360 software will provide you with a number of benefits to ensure you are beating worker fatigue, a few of these include:  

  • Decreased fatigue poses decreased risk to worker health 
  • Tiredness causes poorer decision making, potentially cutting corners, and increases the chance of accidents  
  • Encourages positive behaviour in management and planning teams 
  • Reduces the impact of fatigue  
  • Improves workers well-being, without decreasing overall productivity  

Why organisations need a fatigue management system

The Network Rail fatigue standard is changing, organisations will be required to manage fatigue to conduct work on their behalf. Those organisations that do not already manage worker fatigue effectively risk being left behind.  

In fact, an increasing number of organisations are already implementing fatigue management systems before Network Rail ‘003’ fatigue standard comes into force.   

However, managing fatigue can be difficult or labour intensive if clients do not have access to the right tools and systems, especially when considering the number of staff that will be travelling to different work sites, from the various locations, and conducting different lengths of shift, all around the clock. Many have attempted to do this using a simple spreadsheet, but quickly find that this method is ineffectual.   

This Fatigue360 software takes all the above-mentioned back-end data, and presents it in a user-friendly cloud based, real-time platform.   

The 3 new plans available to the rail industry:  

Plan 1   

The Weston Analytics team will analyse your current fatigue management process, and provide expert advice on how best to model your current shift patterns, which will include HSE fatigue scored over a six week period, provided with a read-only instance of the software and recommendations to address the diagnosis. Plus, a 4-week free trial of the Fatigue360 software.  

Plan 2   

This plan offers you a more comprehensive analysis, which includes a fatigue risk management training session from a certified Fatigue Consultant, along with all the benefits from the Plan 1. including a free 4-week trial of the Fatigue360 software.  

Plan 3   

Plan 3 is recommended for organisations ready to explore the benefits of effective management. This Plan offers all the benefits of Plans 1 and 2 plus a bespoke review and recommendation from a certified consultant with clear guidance on the next steps for managing fatigue effectively in your workplace. Additionally, you will receive an 8-week free trial of the Fatigue360 software to continue your journey of fatigue management.  

You can now trial the Fatigue360 software in a Plan that is suited to your organisation.