Why Project Briefing is Key to the Successful Delivery of IT Services

Project briefing is a key control process for any project, from large construction projects to complex IT solutions. It clearly captures and details the key information and requirements for the client’s desired outcome. This document provides all associated stakeholders and users an easy-to-digest overview of the project and deliverables.

Utilising this control document in the development of IT services and applications enables us, as Managed IT service providers, to define and outline the scope of our client requirements and the overall objectives and outcomes to be achieved by the project. It enables all parties to be clear on what the overall project will deliver, and the steps taken to get there.

Proceeding with an IT project without undertaking the Project briefing process or producing an IT specification document can create risks within the delivery process. It can result in outcomes not being achieved, projects being delayed, additional expense but most importantly, it can result in the client not receiving the product or solution they commissioned the provider to provide.

At Weston Analytics we spend the time to go through your requirements and ensure that we effectively capture a thorough brief and specification. We focus on ensuring your requirements are correctly captured and documented before proceeding to deployment. During this process we seek to understand:

  • The key functionality required
  • Users and endpoints
  • Desired outcomes
  • How you want to access and use our services
  • Special requirements
  • Potential constraints
  • Service Level Agreements

This process allows IT teams to provide clients with a detailed specification which will be used as the foundation for delivering the overall project. Through spending time with the client and ensuring that their requirements have been effectively captured and communicated provides the successful foundations for the delivery of an IT project.

Established in 2020, Weston Analytics is a technology company that creates and offers bespoke software as a service and business systems. The Weston Analytics portfolio currently includes Fatigue360, a fatigue management solution, Worksite360, a workforce management solution, and Enviro360, a waste management solution.

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