What to do when Fatigue Kicks in

Stopping the effects of fatigue before they take hold will always be the better option. Good rest, decent sleep, healthy diet and a work-life balance all help stop the effects of fatigue. Being fatigued is not safe, productive or beneficial, as individuals we should never push ourselves to these limits. The damage we do to ourselves both mentally and physically, from being fatigued, is harmful to ourselves and those around us. However, we all know that this situation is sometimes unavoidable. Whether you are a new parent, have ongoing personal issues or simply didn’t have a goodnights sleep, the symptoms of fatigue will kick in and the battle commences. If stopping isn’t an option, there are several fatigue mitigating tips which can help slow down the effects of fatigue and help keep you safe:

Take a break

If getting home safely isn’t an option and you are showing symptoms of fatigue then take a break. Rest your mind and body from the task in hand for 10-15 minutes.

Keep hydrated

Keeping hydrated will help slow down the onset and symptoms of fatigue, so drink plenty of water.

Avoid caffeine

Drinking caffeine will only mask the symptoms of fatigue, not help beat them. When keeping hydrated avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible.

Boost your energy

Eat energy boosting foods every 3 hours to help maintain steady energy levels, fruit and vegetables are great fatigue eliminating snacks.

Engage your brain

Keep your brain focused, using music can be a great way to keep yourself going and your brain engaged.

It is never recommended to get to the point of being fatigued, but it is sometimes unavoidable or unexpected. Managing your time, commute, workload and homelife can all help prevent the onset of fatigue. The physical and mental effects of fatigue are not only difficult to manage when they set in, it is unsafe to yourself and those around you.

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