If unauthorised access to your premises is the problem, ACCESS360 is the solution.

ACCESS360 is an access control system that electronically manages the access and authorisation to your premises. It is a cloud-based platform that can integrate with physical access control technology, such as turnstiles and barriers, to prevent unauthorised individuals and vehicles from entering restricted areas.


Using cloud-based technology ACCESS360 users can securely manage their premises access requirements, in real-time, through the online dashboard.
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Additional key benefits of ACCESS360 include:
Weston Analytics Access360
So, ACCESS360, what will it do for me, how will my business benefit?

  • Access control technology and software is a cost effective and secure solution to managing, monitoring, and maintaining security access control across your premises.
  • Our ACCESS360 platform is both easily integrated with your existing hardware and very user-friendly.
  • The key benefit of ACCESS360 is the ability to securely manage, control and protect your people, property, and premises from unauthorised access.
  • The software enables users to remotely manage their security requirements and authorisation levels to promote efficiencies and safety across their locations.

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