If obstructions on your worksites are the problem, OBSTRUCTION360 is the solution

For worksites to be safe and productive, onsite obstructions must be identified and mitigated as quickly as possible. Ignoring obstructions not only increases the risk of an incident or a health and safety breach, they can also negatively impact the programme performance and delivery of a construction project.

Our OBSTRUCTION360 technology provides worksites with a systemised, realtime approach to removing onsite obstructions. By developing its’ use across an entire worksite and supply chain not only enhances the safety and efficiency
of the site, it also works to educate the workforce.

The system provides clarity, justification, and evidence as to why a notice has been issued, providing the supply chain with the reasons they have been penalised. This information can be applied to inform their ‘lessons-learned’ promoting better behaviours and working practices within their organisation.

The data and information captured from OBSTRUCTION360 can also be shared amongst the supply chain to demonstrate the benefits the technology is having on the performance on the worksite. Collating and sharing this information can further support improved behaviours throughout the supply chain, creating further site efficiencies and improvements.
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Obstruction360, what will it do for me, how will my business benefit?

The immediate benefits of OBSTRUCTION360 are that it provides worksites with a data-driven solution to the production and rectification of onsite obstructions, promoting better site safety, performance, and productivity.

This combined with the long-term benefits of an educated and informed supply chain will ensure that better behaviours and working methods will be adopted and introduced across the site, promoting a culture and environment of continuous improvement and best practice.

Weston Analytics Obstruction 360
OBSTRUCTION360 provides organisations with a data-driven solution to the production and rectification of on-site obstructions and obstruction notices, promoting better site safety, performance, and productivity.

The benefits of this software package include:

  • Reduction in lost man-days through promoting a safer working environment and mitigating “slips, trips and falls”
  • Contribution to achieving programme
  • Data-driven performance management of Trade Contractors in relation to open and closed obstruction notice data
  • Accurately attribute incurred clearance charges to the correct Trade Contractor
  • Promotes optimum health and safety through seeking to eliminate obstruction and risk in real-time
  • Enforces improved behaviours amongst the worksite team through making each trade accountable for their work areas
  • The mobile app embraces automation and technology, ensuring the obstruction is captured and corrective action taken in real-time
  • Flexibility to scale up or down dependant on requirements

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