ENVIRO360 is a unique, application based, system that provides a real-time solution to waste management. Designed specifically for use within the construction and infrastructure sectors, it provides a management platform for the allocation and assignment of waste quotas to each on-site Trade Contractor.

This ensures that waste can be correctly allocated and monitored, and excessive production is penalised and accounted for by the Trade Contractor and not the Contractor.

ENVIRO360 provides construction sites with a transparent and accountable solution to site waste management.

The benefits of this software package include:

  • Additional waste costs are dealt with in real-time, not at completion
  • Removes the risk of increased waste costs away from the Contractor
  • Promotes better and improved behaviours towards waste
  • Ensures accountability of waste throughout the supply chain
  • Embraces technology and innovation
  • Provides reliable and clear data on waste activity
  • Reducing the amount of waste created on-site
  • Transparency in waste activity encourages collaboration

Key features:

Pre-agree costs
Waste streams
Calculate Usage
Forecast waste
Real-time monitoring
Waste allowance
Cost per vessel
Unique assignment
Monitor waste
Record tips

More details on the key Features of Enviro360
The technology has been developed using an online, cloud-based platform and mobile phone application. This ensures real-time information, in relation to waste, can be captured and monitored across UK construction sites.

The software’s key features include:

  • Allocate pre-agreed waste costs to appointed Trade Contractors only
  • Assign waste vessels by waste type, depending on the Trade Contractors waste requirements
  • Automatically calculate waste usage
  • throughout the entire project life cycle

  • Forecast weekly vessel tips, by project, Trade Contractor and waste type
  • Establish a cost per vessel, dependent on waste type
  • All vessels are uniquely tagged and scanned out upon Trade Contractor assignment
  • Once scanned and assigned a vessel can be immediately monitored using the Enviro360 reporting system
  • When each vessel requires tipping, they are scanned and logged against the Trade Contractors allowance on the system
  • Monitor project waste activity by type, amount produced, number of tips, cost and trade Contractor usage
  • Manage Trade Contractor waste activity through allocating a waste allowance for the project duration, number of vessels and tips and limiting the type of waste they can produce (based on trade activity)

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